Sunday, March 4, 2007

A-Team Marathon on TV LAND

A-Team Marathon on TV LAND

Man. The subject alone of this blog almost makes any words that follow unworthy to be allowed...but here it goes...

I rarely watch anything outside of duck football and The Office, but when I found out this was on, how could I refuse. Allow me to share these two story lines of episodes, so you can see how tantalizng this marathon really is.

1pm PST, Sunday-B.A.'s mom, (or to the uninitiated, Mr. T's character's mom) gets beat up by a bunch of crummy landlords. B.A. gets ticked, to the point of WILLINGLY flying in a jet with Murdock to get there as quickly as possible...they broke his mother's arm! (In case you are clueless, B.A. Baraccus NEVER, EVER willingly flew, he is afraid of flying. But apparently, you don't mess with his mom, who, epically, was portrated by the lady who played the oldest angel on Touched by an Angel.

Long story short, B.A. kicked everybody's rear end who gave his mom a bad time. What a premise for destruction: "Lets have a bunch of two-bit hooligans break Mr. T's moms arm, and see Mr. T wreck vengeance on the world." For trivia notes, B.A.'s mom referrs to him as "Scooter."

Episode, 2pm PST, Sunday...OH yes, HULK HOGAN is the guest star...a bunch of Italian mafia thugs, with a pop who uses the word 'capice' are trying to take over a community center for boys, and Hulk teams up with his main man, B.A., and the A-Team, to have it out. At one point, they lure bad guys into a dark room, which is a gym, which happens to have several buff guys, including Jimmy 'Superfly' Snooka, to beat the crap out of them. Oh, this is TV Nirvana, I tell you.

Really, it opens our eyes to realize that The Saprano's, really, was spiritually conceived by the A-Team. Tough to grasp, but true perhaps. See, it turns out, that under the gym, the mafia guys have gold stashed.

Truth be told, the A-Team has horrible acting, (but it did improve as the show received increased popularity and budget.) Missing the Hulk Hogan missed a lifetime.

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