Sunday, January 28, 2007

Proof That God Likes You Volume 1...The Tempurpedic Bed

Proof that God likes you Volume 1...The Tempurpedic Bed

So, for quite some time, Mrs. Gunnar Falk and I, Gunnar Falk, have been shopping for beds. We liked the Tempurpedic Deluxe model...and they cost a fortune, but thanks to Craigslist, we found a new one for WAAAAAAAAY below market price.

Man, it is worth every penny. If Jesus was born today, instead of gold, frankinsense and myrhh, I am convinced the wisemen would dump the myrhh and bring him a Tempurpedic. (Thus, proving their wisdom.)

So, it is made out of material they claim is used for astronauts, to absorb impact or whatnot. It is apparent to me that astronaut foam rules. Because you are reading my blog, my thought is you have a lot of extra time on your hands. You should use some of that time to go to a bed store and try out a tempurpedic. What a difference.

Ever since we picked it up, we have been sleeping so much better. And, moving from a queen size bed to a king size, that is so choice. I highly recommend that to anyone. If I could rule the world for a day, I would still share the same bed with my wife, but I would have my own zip code in it for where I slept. Having space is so cool, I can stretch my elbows out to my side without knocking her head in. (Unfortunately, that has happened before.) I don't have to sleep on the very side edge of the bed to feel like I have enough room. It takes away so much previously unrealized stress from the sleeping equation.

To me, God was very real before I bought this bed. But now, owning one of these beds, it helps me comprehend God more, and how much He wants us to know how much He likes us. I don't know how it all goes, but I can imagine Him up in heaven, laughing with glee and delight over us, thinking, "I sure do like those guys down there...I know what I will do, I will give them an idea for a tempurpedic mattress...that way they can be better rested, and if they are better rested, that can help them all get along better..."

I hope I can get along with all of you better now.

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